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Your Ultimate Prom Day Guide: Tips and Essentials

Updated: Mar 5

Prom season is upon us, and it's a time filled with excitement, anticipation, and, of course, the quest for the perfect prom dress. Whether you're a prom newbie or a seasoned attendee, navigating the whirlwind of preparations can be overwhelming. But fear not! We've got you covered with this quick guide to ensure your prom day is nothing short of magical.

We're More than Alterations!

#1: Shop Early

With spring break just around the corner, procrastination is not your friend. Beat the rush and shop for your dream dress early. Remember, prom dresses are seasonal, and waiting until the last minute may leave you with limited options. Don't let FOMO (fear of missing out) dampen your prom spirit!

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#2: Schedule Alterations in Advance

Once you've found the dress of your dreams, give yourself plenty of time for alterations. Most prom dress alterations take 1-3 weeks, so book your appointment early to avoid any last-minute stress or rush costs. Remember to bring along your shoes and undergarments for the perfect fit. You can learn more about our alterations process on our formals page.

#3: Prom Day Must Haves

·        Sew-in Bra Cups: Say goodbye to pesky bra straps and hello to seamless support with sew-in bra cups. Ideal for low-cut dresses or illusion bodices, these little wonders ensure you look and feel your best all night long. Plus, they're a steal at just $15 a pair (with an additional $10 for sewing).

·        Blister Blocker: Don't let painful blisters ruin your prom night. Glide on some Blister Blocker to prevent friction and keep your feet happy in those killer heels. It's also a lifesaver for preventing irritation from sequins or thigh rubbing. Trust us, your feet will thank you later.

Available for just $15.

·        Non-Woven Breathable Garment Bag: Keep your gown pristine and wrinkle-free with a non-woven breathable garment bag. For just $10, it's a small investment to ensure your dress arrives at prom looking as flawless as you do.

·        Heel Protectors: Protect your shoes (and your dignity) with heel protectors. These nifty accessories prevent you from sinking into grass or getting caught in sidewalk cracks, ensuring you stay steady on your feet all night long. Available for just $20.

·        Reusable Magic Nipple Covers: For that extra confidence boost, invest in reusable magic nipple covers. Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and hello to worry-free dancing. Priced at $30, they're a small price to pay for peace of mind.

·        Satin Nipple Covers: If you prefer a more discreet option, satin nipple covers are a must-have. Lightweight and invisible under clothing, they provide all-day coverage and comfort. Grab a pair for just $8 and dance the night away with confidence.

·        Gown Cleaning: After the night of dancing and making memories, your dress might need a little TLC. Take advantage of our gown cleaning services for $225, and enjoy a $40 discount if you've had alterations done with us.

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