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Formalwear Alterations Guide

For Bridesmaids, Mother or Bride/Groom, Flower Girl, Prom, HOCO, & beyond. 

  • The Formalwear Alterations process typically requires 1-3 fittings and 1-4 weeks of alterations. Each fitting is a minimum of 1 week of processing. Review our guide below to help you determine the best time to schedule your first fitting.  Typical alterations needed are bodice, straps, and hem. 

  • We highly recommend scheduling no sooner than 6 weeks from the date of the event. 

  • Please contact the seamstress to make arrangements if you are scheduling for a minor, on a weight loss journey, pregnant, or breastfeeding. We like to schedule as close to the date of the event for anyone expecting any size changes to ensure the most accuracy. 

  • Bring all undergarments and shoes planned to wear with the garment for all fittings. i.e. strapless bra, corset, shapewear, slip, petticoat, etc. We do offer Bra Cups in sizes A-H available upon request.

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Consultation (optional)

Preliminary meet & greet to establish cost, timeline, and alterations needed. Not required but strongly recommended if you are on a budget, weight loss journey, or growth development (pregnant, nursing, or a minor)


Appointment Length15 minutes

When to Schedule: ASAP

What to Bring: Optional but recommended, Dress, Undergarments, Shoes, & Questions

1 Fitting

You need only ONE of the following alterations:

Bodice Taken in

Bodice Let Out

Hem (length)


Additional Alterations that do not affect the timeframe:


Bra Cups


Appointment Length: 20-30 minutes

When to ScheduleNo less than 1 week from the day you need it

What to Bring: Dress, Undergarments, & Shoes

Bridesmaids and Bestmen
Bridesmaids Dresses
Bridesmaids Dresses

2 Fittings

You need BOTH: Bodice Taken in or Let out AND a Hem (length)


Once the body of a dress is altered, it changes the length. To ensure the correct length, we require you to return for a 2nd fitting for the hem.


Appointment Length20-30 minutes each

When to Schedule: No less than 2 weeks from the day you need it

What to Bring: Dress, Undergarments, & Shoes

3 Fittings

You need your dress resized more than 2 sizes with additional alterations. Dresses needing more than 4" taken in or more than 2" let out, plus a hem. 

Appointment Length20-30 minutes each

When to Schedule:  No less than 3 weeks from the day you need it

What to Bring: Dress, Undergarments, & Shoes

Trying the Gown

We love feedback and photos. So if you don't mind, please share your experience with us.

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