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Push-Up Bra Cups are just what you need to add function and comfort to your gown. Naturally shapes and firms bust lines. Made from polyester-covered foam. Insert inside bra or sew into place. Machine washable and dry cleanable. Can also be used with swimwear. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. 1 pair per package.

Push Up Bra Cups

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizing for our bra cups is based on standard bra sizing. The standard method of finding the correct cup size is to subtract the under-bust measurement from the full-bust measurement. Take the under-bust measurement by measuring just under the bust line, where the band of a bra would sit. Make sure your measuring tape is snug but comfortable and parallel to the floor. Then, find the full-bust measurement by measuring around the fullest part of the chest in the same manner. The difference in inches between the two measurements corresponds to a standard letter size, rounding up to the nearest whole number.

    Subtract Full-Bust from Under-Bust measurments. Find the differnce on the chart to determine bra cup size. 



    2" B
    3" C
    4" D
    5" DD
    6" DDD
    7" G
    8" H
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