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Alterations Guide

Your guide to a perfect fit on your big day!


  Fall/Winter 2024 WEDDINGS!




Please submit a bridal inquiry form to better serve you. 

  • Appointment openings fill up 6-8 months in advance and should be scheduled ahead of time to lock in services. We recommend reaching out as soon as you've said yes to the dress. Do not wait till your dress comes in to reach out to us. Often that is too late. 

  • Full Bridal Alterations take 6-8 weeks with 3-5 fittings.

  • Reservations for Bridal Alterations are not saved until a 1st fitting is scheduled and the deposit is paid. A deposit of $150 is needed to secure your appointment for Wedding Gown Alterations.

  • Consultations are available for Brides interested in receiving a quote and timeline before scheduling. There is a $30 consultation fee that is then applied to your final cost.

  • Brides reaching out less than 10 weeks prior to the wedding will be charged rush fees. 

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Fitting Time:
30 mins

Alterations Time:
No Alterations

What to Bring:
Deposit Payment

Consultations serve as a preliminary viewing of garments so clients and seamstress have an educated expectation of cost, labor, and timeline. They are not required but help you and us be more prepared for your 1st fitting. We will examine the construction of the dress, determine the alterations needed, discuss the process, and answer any questions, including what undergarments would work best.

If you haven't already scheduled a 1st fitting, one can be scheduled at this time. There is no commitment to chose us for your bridal alterations, but reservations for Bridal Alterations are not saved until a 1st fitting is scheduled and the deposit is paid. A deposit of $150 is needed to secure your appointment Wedding Gown Alterations. It is highly recommended you schedule your 1st Fitting for 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding and arrangements (reservations) be made up to a year in advance.

1st Fitting

Fitting Time:
1 hour

Alterations Time:
2 weeks

What to Bring:

Alterations and fittings are performed from top to bottom. So naturally the 1st Fitting is typically Bodice Work, Straps, Bra Cups, etc. It is extremely important to bring all undergarments and your shoes for this fitting. Examples of undergarments are shapewear, strapless bra, corset bra, etc. If you are unsure what undergarments are necessary, please schedule a consultation before your 1st fitting to discuss your options with a seamstress. 

If you haven't scheduled your follow-up appointments, you will need to do so at this point. 

*If you didn't have a consultation before your 1st Fitting,  a brief consultation is performed at this time. There will be an assessment of alterations, cost, construction, and timeline. 

2nd & 3rd Fitting

Fitting Time:
45 mins.

Alterations Time:
2 weeks each

What to Bring:

Most but not all bridal gowns require a 2nd and/or 3rd fitting. At this point, you retry on your garment after its first round of alterations has been completed. During this time we fix any minor adjustments with a bodice, like lace placements.

The hem (length) of your dress and Bustle are typically pinned at this point  Again, it is extremely important you bring your undergarments and shoes with you to your fitting. 

Final Fit/ Pick-up

Fitting Time:
30 mins.+

What to Bring:
Balance Payment
White Sheet


Prior to the final fitting all alterations, pressing and/or steaming, and all details are finalized. You will then try on the garment for final review and final payments are due.

Final Fit Guidelines for Brides:

  • Bring along who ever you plan to help you into your gown on your big day, so they can practice getting you into your gown and assembling your bustle.

  • Make sure there is enough room in your vehicle for your dress.

  • Bring along a white sheet to help transport the dress. Typically shoving the entire gown back into a garment bag will cause creases in the fabric.

  • Have a planned designated location to store your dress until the big day.

Post Wedding


We love feedback and photos. So if you don't mind, please share your wedding memories with us by joining our Bridal Gallery.  Want to leave a review? Share your experience with us on Google, the knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook, or Instagram.


Storing Your Dress

  • Hang your dress by it's hangar loops in a Non-Woven Polypropylene or Muslin Garment Bag. Non-Woven Polypropylene protects from dirt and dust. Muslin is non-acidic, moth resistant and provides a buffer against light, humidity and contamination. If one was not provided with your gown, both garment bags can be found in the shop.

  • Shedule a your Gown Preservation drop-off. Whether you have plans to save or consign your dress, have it cleaned as soon as possible. It's okay to wait until after your honeymoon to dry clean your dress. Just don't wait too long. Your sweat and natural body oils can stain and eventually break down the fabric. 

  • Your wedding & honeymoon are over and we want to hear all about it! Send us your favorite memory & photos from your wedding day and be featured in our Wedding Gallery. Submit your favorite memory & photos here. 

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