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I can't wait to help you look and feel your best! Often times we feel like confidence and great clothes are a luxury not afforded to everyone. Sometimes with just a little adjustment, an affordable garment can look and feel just as expensive as luxury items. Clothes don't make you but they can sure make you look good!


Susan Taylor  

Susan Taylor

Susan is the Owner and Seamstress here at Saylor Sewing. Being a 3rd generation seamstress with 12 years of professional experience, she has the knowledge to perfect the fit & repairs of casual wear, formal wear, bridal wear, menswear, and everything in-between. She also offers custom creations such as bridal accessories, bowties, pillows, bags, and much more. 


 As well as being a small business owner, she is also a proud wife and mother of three creative & rambunctious kiddos, and two precious doggies. Through the valiant support of her family and friends, she will be celebrating eight years of being an independent seamstress/ business owner May 2023. 


The Team

Melissa Konz

Melissa is Saylor Sewing's Lead Seamstress. She is mostly self-taught with a pinch of intramural experience. This has allowed her to develop a vast knowledge of garment construction as well as the ability to create her own unique patterns. While being a quick learner who is always eager to tackle some of our more advanced projects, she still enjoys the therapeutic calmness of hand sewing. Her incredible patience is perfect for tackling the most intricate lace and beaded garments like a ninja.


In Melissa's spare time, she enjoys designing vintaged inspired pieces as well as treasure hunting in local antique & thrift shops. This passion for fashion and its history has influenced her to draw inspiration from decades past.


LynnDee Andrus

LynnDee is one of Saylor Sewing's shop associates and seamstress in training. She's incredibly crafty and, most of all, just enjoys being creative. When she isn't working on designing window displays or marketing material, you can catch her brushing up on the art of sewing. She has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to fabrics and textiles. This valued ability of hers lends a hand on predicting the behavior of the most complicated of fabrics.


In LynnDee's spare time, she enjoys designing and hand crafting jewelry. Her expertise here allows us to offer alteration services to garments with hardware.


Meghan Harrington

Meghan is Saylor Sewing's newest shop associate and sewing apprentice. She is especially dedicated to her academic studies as an I.B. student, an achievement she takes immense pride in. Even with her workload, she still finds time to advance her own sewing skills while relishing in the opportunity to still help others.


In her spare time, you can catch Meghan hanging out with her friends or even volunteer tutoring. We are excited to see what her future has in store!

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