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Gown Preservation

Wedding Dress
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We're so excited to bring you the country's most environmentally friendly wedding gown cleaning process. Using the GreenEarth cleaning process, your gown is returned to you clean, preserved, and free of chemical odors.


Bring us your gown, we will take care of everything and

have it shipped directly to you once completed.


Enjoy $50 off your preservation when paid for with wedding gown alterations. 

Basic Wedding Preservation Package 


  • Cleaning & Preservation of Wedding Gown and two free accessories.

  • $500 Declared Value Insurance

  • Small repairs i.e. buttons, hooks, and snaps etc. 

List of Accessories

Veil, purse, shawl, train, gloves, ring pillow, garter, blusher, hat, bra, handkerchief, cape, and tiara.


2 Pieces Included at no charge.

$10 for each additional accessory

Declared Value  Insurance

$500 Declared Value Insurace inclued in Basic Preservation package. 

$2 per $100 additional insurance


Your choice of having your gown shipped back to our shop or directly to you at no additional cost. 

Deluxe Accessories

Slip, shoes, and silk bouquet. 

Not inclued in kit price.

$15 each additional delux accessory

Gown Repairs

Minor repairs include buttons, snaps, and hooks. 

Additonal repairs not included: seams,snags, replace beads, seqiuns, pearls, etc. Price TBD

Platinum Restoration Upgrade

Includes a premium quality black chest, gown wrapped in natural muslin, shrink-wrapped seal for extra protection, hand pressed, and $1000 Declared Value Insurance. 

$30 upgrade

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