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Fancy Sprinkles Edible Glitter Packets, Portable & On-The-Go, 100% Edible Glitter for Sparkling Drinks, Champagne, Cocktails, Wine, Beer, & more, No Taste or Texture, Opulust: Moonstone Iridescent & Champagne Rose Gold (10 packets, 0.5g each) Stand Out from the Crowd Get creative! Effortlessly transform any moment—and your drink—with Fancy Edible Glitter Packets.


SHOWSTOPPING: Add Fancy Edible Glitter to beverages, bubbly, and cocktails for a hurricane of glitter PARTIES: From happy hours and girls night in to weddings and bachelorettes, bring the portable, multi-serving edible glitter packets and make the moment oh so extra GIFT: The perfect gift for anyone that loves to cook, bake, or entertain!

Opulust Edible Glitter Packets

Excluding Sales Tax

    • Made in the United States

    • Shelf life: Over 36 months

    • Storage: Shelf-stable

    • Weight: 0.8 oz (22.68 g)

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